A Single First Date Kiss: Good Sign or Not?

Your gender, race, sexual orientation, relationships experience, and more will not save you from the potential trouble with your first date partner. A first date kiss sounds cute and creates a flawless romantic entourage for dating. Nevertheless, the whole date can turn out to be a disaster with the consequential emotional and psychological problems to follow.

The first online date is a very delicate thing because you never know the real-life reaction of a person you’ve got acquainted with on the internet. It can be an awkward event. If you are craving for the first date kiss, you’ll have to highlight your finest qualities and show that you have an edge. The best strategy is to plan a simple but involving conversation with maximum neutral topics.

The crucial thing is not to screw things up because of senseless mistakes and not turn the first date kiss into something you desire more than a relationship. Understand that a first fate kiss can be a result of affection, emotion, or unpredictable tenderness. A person you consider a potential partner can turn out to have merely friendly intentions. There’s nothing wrong with a first date kiss. It’s not insulting for the majority of online singles. The thing is that it can seriously affect the relationship development.

What Women Think About Men Who Share a Kiss on the First Date in 2020

There are no standard protocols concerning the first date planning. Besides, there’s a curious fact. The less you care about the insignificant date details, the more chances you’ll get for the first date kiss and further relationship development. Many women consider a first date kiss romantic and memorable. Nevertheless, everything depends on your behavior and your ability to show off your best qualities.

Your first online date will work out fine if you consider the basics and things most women think to be acceptable. Our following pieces of advice might be handy.

First Date Kiss Goos Sign: Make It Your Last First Kiss

The first thing you should stick to is to understand that to kiss a girl on a first date is one of the trickiest situations. You’ve got great chances to insult your potential partner. You’ve got many risks, including:

  • Ruining a potentially beneficial relationship merely because you consider it positive due to your dreams and perceptions;
  • Making a woman think you are interested in intimacy that might only turn into nothing because no sensible woman will let her get in her bedroom thoughtful mutual communication;
  • Insulting a young and promising potential partner merely because of your ignorance and inability to listen.

You should understand, that the first kiss is more than physical interaction. It’s about the chemistry between you. It bases on common background and values. It’s a very meaningful connection. When a woman lets you touch her lips, it means that she trusts her.

Should I kiss her on the first date?

There’s no exact answer. Nevertheless, you should know the following:

  • There’s nothing wrong with gentle hugs on the shoulder and kisses on the cheek;
  • Regular courtesy signs, including opening the doors and helping with the coat are normal;
  • Small gifts are always a part if the communication – an unpredictable bottle of champagne or a pack of sweet can turn out to be a perfect present on a gloomy day.

What If It Ends in the Bedroom?

Gosh, what a senseless question. If you’re interested in the between-the-bedsheets affairs, your question is more than dumb. Make sure you follow the lead and don’t press your partner. Be sincere and straightforward about what you need. Stay away from aggression, regardless of what happens. Kissing and intimacy are unpredictable. Everything depends on the way you see each other. You should be prepared for some uncertain situations for the first date kiss.

We’ve based the article on the list of the most common wishes of the Russian and Ukrainian singles, and we’ve found out the following.

Kissing on the First Date Can Be Insulting

Kissing on the first date and regarding it as a fetish idea can be a trouble. When you force a woman to kiss, regardless of age, it means that you are

  • Hungry for sex;
  • Interested in finding anyone just because you want personal life;
  • Willing to express yourself in a relationship you’ve never been interested in.

A promising, smart girl can reject a kiss, which is normal for a woman who respects herself. A kiss is not always a sign of romance and mutual connection. It’s a sign that both of you demonstrate in the moment of passion. It’s something you show off in a relationship. It’s something that will help you understand whether you’re ready for a further relationship or not.

Even if you make a woman get interested in you, you’ll have to show off a bit of affection:

  • Hug her over the shoulder when needed;
  • Make sure your voice is low when you’re worried or nervous (she will help you to discuss the situation);
  • Basic courtesy signs are obligatory – flowers, sweets, champagne, and meaningful, small, and cute gifts are always cool.

The First-Time Kiss Tactics

There are specific rules to stick to if you’re interested in online dating with a potential of making a family:

  • You should be neat and smart when going to your first date;
  • You should be sensible and straightforward about the conversation;
  • The atmosphere should be neutral and relaxing;
  • The foods should not merely be tasty but in line with the culinary habits of each partner (feel free to ask your potential partner about the tastes and meat consumption);
  • Your conversation should be thoughtful and satisfying for both of you – there’s nothing bad in having a little argument, but your words should be as reasonable and rational as possible.

Do you kiss on the first date in 2020? It’s all about the way a woman sees you and understands your needs and psychology in 2020.

  • A conversation with a sufficient number of the leading questions is a must. You’ll get closer to kissing only if you manage to build a firm psychological bond. It’s acceptable to kiss on the first date if you do have something to share in addition to passion and lust.
  • Don’t push on your partner unless you find out a bit more about how the previous relationship ended. If it was a painful break-up or getting single after the death of the partner, it’s a painful experience. Talks about death and health conditions are the hardest ones among all conversations.
  • If a woman you’re dating has nothing against conversations concerning the cheesy things and personal life details, she may have nothing against a regular first date kiss.

You should understand that the first date kiss should not be something psychologically and emotionally inspired. The touch of the lips is about the common energy.

Don’t Spoil Everything with the First Date Kiss in 2020

Yes, the world has become less formal when it comes to such courtesy signs as kissing. Nevertheless, every person is unique about his/her attitude to physical interaction, even if it does not imply sex. Kissing is the simplest and dumbest way to show affection if it’s your new partner. The best thing you can do is to develop a tactic that will make a girl want to kiss you.

  • Put special emphasis on the touches and meaningful hugs;
  • Don’t be too bold while expressing your feelings – the science of seduction implies half movements and hints;
  • Don’t concentrate on kissing too much – concentrate on getting closer to each other intellectually and emotionally.

A First Date Kiss Can Be Unpleasant

What is the number of dates you should arrange before a girl lets you kiss her? Everything depends on whether a girl regards you as a potential partner or merely a friend.

  • Lack of mutual trust and chemistry can turn the first kiss in the romantic atmosphere in a peer disaster;
  • Avoid using the tongue while kissing the potential partner for the first time – excessive wetness can either be disgusting or merely too intimate;
  • Forcing is unacceptable – you’ll ruin the trust and demonstrate yourself as a selfish person unwilling to gain emotional trust and build a like-minded relationship bond.

How to Be Successful with the First Date Kiss?

There are specific factors to pay attention to if you want to get your first enjoyable kiss:

  • Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath smells good;
  • Invest enough attention and energy in the physical interaction with gentle touches and hugs;
  • Don’t forget about sincere compliments – make sure what you say is what you think.

Getting a mutual first kiss is about being polite, gentle, and perceptive. There’s nothing wrong with asking for permission to do this or that thing. Are you willing to peck her on the cheek? Ask about it. It demonstrates your care and respect for a person’s needs. The tastiest ingredient of a successful date is being courteous. Be nice and respect the feelings of the other people, and you’ll get what you deserve.