How to go on a date and being safe in 2021

Do you remember dates in the past? Your friend could introduce you to a potential partner, after that you exchanged phone numbers and went on a date. Some people could talk on the phone before the meeting. If the conversation went well, they decided to meet in reality.

Our technologies are improving every year. Of course some people still can brag about finding the partner in the park or in the restaurant. At the same time, the amount of online meetings has increased abruptly. Now single women and men can find each other in dating apps. The process takes for several seconds. Only several seconds and you aren’t alone anymore!

No wonder that meeting with a lot of strangers you put yourself in danger. Safety must become a priority for people who are looking for relationships in the Internet. It’s a crucial thing to take all possible measures to protect yourself. In particular, this rule is important for women.

One in 4 adult people said they aren’t informed enough about safety in online dating. This information was founded out from the survey of 2000 British adults. Also many people are worried about their safety when they meet someone from a dating app.

How to protect yourself? Shortly, be careful when you are sharing your personal information with someone. Meet with a stranger in a public place. If something goes wrong, you can always ask for help.

How to make dating online safe and nice: the important tips

Read some recommendations before going on a date with a mysterious stranger.

  1. Take care of your privacy. Your confidential information comes first. Don’t reveal your home address, the address of your office and the information from your bank card. All these things can be used against you. If you have some distinguish things on your pictures, try to edit them.
  2. Don’t send money to strangers in the Internet. Most of these request is fraud. Even if you find this ask really touching, don’t be too sentimental. People facing a difficult situation won’t ask for money on dating websites. If you notice it, report to a dating service. They will ban a dishonest person.
  3. Keep conversation in a dating app for a while. Most scammers persuade people to shift the dialogues to other systems: e-mails or messengers. They make up a lot of excuses for it (for example, they work a lot and can’t visit a dating platform frequently or they have problems with authorization). Don’t fall for it. Once a scammer gets your personal contacts, they will start their attack. At worst, they can hack your account in a social media or steal your money. Being outside of the dating platform, they will escape the responsibility effortlessly.
  4. Do some investigations. Online dating can be covered with a lot of secrets. It’s better to reveal them for your safety. Do it using Google or other special services where you can find a lot of information about your potential partner. You can read about their background, look at their friends and the profile in a social media.
  5. Pay attention to the images. Scammers deceive people using fake pictures in the profiles. If you copy this picture and google it, you will find out that the photo belongs to another person (sometimes it can be even a photo model or a famous influencer). To make sure a person is transparent for you, check their pictures. Don’t communicate with a user who refuses to share their pictures with you.
  6. Set up the video chat before dating. It will help you to get to know a person better, to understand if you are compatible. Sometimes people look undesirable and suspicious even on videos. Before the video session remove all identifying things from the background. Look at your interlocutor with all attention. If you see only the darkness on the screen or a blurred picture, there is something wrong.
  7. Choose a public place for your first date that is full of people. It can be a big restaurant or just a central street of your city. You can have a nice time in a spacious mall. In these place you can take control over the situation even if your partner will show aggression. It’s not recommended to organize a first date at home on go to the park in the evening.
  8. Make sure your phone is charged. It’s very important if you need to call someone to ask for help.
  9. Let your family or close friends know about your whereabouts. Make sure you have close people who will be worried about you if something happened. Give them the contacts of your new partner so that they can make some measures and report about it to the police.

If you follow the rules, your date will be safe and pleasant enough! Today dating websites are the best way to find a partner for strong relationships. The most importantly is to protect the personal information and be careful choosing people.