It is considered there is virtually no difference between females from Ukraine and Russia; the two are believed to look identically and have exactly the same mentality. However, certain differences in how the representatives of the two nationalities look exist. First of all, the two have some typical features that will allow the one to see the main differences.

The Main Features of Ukrainian Girls

The distinctive feature of Ukrainian girls is associated with the fact that the women wear less makeup. On top of the above, they have impressive hair and proportional bone structure. A lot of females from Ukraine are tall, although there is still some percentage of the short girls with a short haircut. Based on the following features, you can distinguish women from Ukraine:

  • less makeup;
  • light long hair;
  • regular features;
  • high height;
  • beautiful eyebrows;
  • attractive appearance.

Thus, you will never confuse a Ukrainian girl with a woman from Russia or any other nation.

What Are Other Features?

During the comparison of Ukrainian females with the ones of Russian nationality, you will see that the later has darker skin and eyes. Ukrainian females have a “kind” face of a good proportion. Besides, in Ukraine, females have a lighter skin type and blue eyes. However, you can also meet girls with dark eyes there. As an extra feature, Ukrainian girls dye their hair rarely.

You can also distinguish Ukrainian girls by the following features:

  • snub nose;
  • plump lips;
  • large face;
  • predominant light brown hair color.

This face looks attract many men from around the globe.

Mentality of Ukrainian Women

The beauty of females residing in Ukraine is simply a cool bonus. As early as the middle of the nineteenth century, some scientists clearly defined the difference in the mentality of females from East. According to their research, females in Russian culture are believed to be more obstinate and lazy. In turn, the Ukrainian woman symbolizes passion, obedience, and domesticity. Hence, Ukrainian women cause passionate feelings in men, while Russians give them unsophisticated love.

Gender roles in Ukraine are not identical to the ones in nations of Western Europe and even more so from Russia. For example, ideas of feminism have not taken root in Ukraine. A female in Ukraine has always had the will to take decisions on their own, and unlike the same, Russia has never been a thing.

So if you are searching for the ideal wife and mother of your future children, Ukrainian women will perfectly fit in the role. They are calm and cozy, know how to manage household, and are always ready to support their spouse. They prefer a family to career and value a family setting fist of all.

Owing to the opportunities the Internet opens, it is possible to find a Ukrainian woman even if you live in a different country. When registering on a dating website, you can search for a person to connect your life with. And Ukrainian females will make your life ideal.