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How to go on a date and being safe in 2021

How to go on a date and being safe in 2021

Do you remember dates in the past? Your friend could introduce you to a potential partner, after that you exchanged phone numbers and went on a date. Some people could talk on the phone before the meeting. If the conversation went well, they decided to meet in reality.

Our technologies are improving every year. Of course some people still can brag about finding the partner in the park or in the restaurant. At the same time, the amount of online meetings has increased abruptly. Now single women and men can find each other in dating apps. The process takes for several seconds. Only several seconds and you aren’t alone anymore!

Kiss on the First Date

A Single First Date Kiss: Good Sign or Not?

Your gender, race, sexual orientation, relationships experience, and more will not save you from the potential trouble with your first date partner. A first date kiss sounds cute and creates a flawless romantic entourage for dating. Nevertheless, the whole date can turn out to be a disaster with the consequential emotional and psychological problems to follow.

The first online date is a very delicate thing because you never know the real-life reaction of a person you’ve got acquainted with on the internet. It can be an awkward event. If you are craving for the first date kiss, you’ll have to highlight your finest qualities and show that you have an edge. The best strategy is to plan a simple but involving conversation with maximum neutral topics.

The crucial thing is not to screw things up because of senseless mistakes and not turn the first date kiss into something you desire more than a relationship. Understand that a first fate kiss can be a result of affection, emotion, or unpredictable tenderness. A person you consider a potential partner can turn out to have merely friendly intentions. There’s nothing wrong with a first date kiss. It’s not insulting for the majority of online singles. The thing is that it can seriously affect the relationship development.

What Women Think About Men Who Share a Kiss on the First Date in 2020

There are no standard protocols concerning the first date planning. Besides, there’s a curious fact. The less you care about the insignificant date details, the more chances you’ll get for the first date kiss and further relationship development. Many women consider a first date kiss romantic and memorable. Nevertheless, everything depends on your behavior and your ability to show off your best qualities.

Your first online date will work out fine if you consider the basics and things most women think to be acceptable. Our following pieces of advice might be handy.

First Date Kiss Goos Sign: Make It Your Last First Kiss

The first thing you should stick to is to understand that to kiss a girl on a first date is one of the trickiest situations. You’ve got great chances to insult your potential partner. You’ve got many risks, including:

  • Ruining a potentially beneficial relationship merely because you consider it positive due to your dreams and perceptions;
  • Making a woman think you are interested in intimacy that might only turn into nothing because no sensible woman will let her get in her bedroom thoughtful mutual communication;
  • Insulting a young and promising potential partner merely because of your ignorance and inability to listen.

You should understand, that the first kiss is more than physical interaction. It’s about the chemistry between you. It bases on common background and values. It’s a very meaningful connection. When a woman lets you touch her lips, it means that she trusts her.

Should I kiss her on the first date?

There’s no exact answer. Nevertheless, you should know the following:

  • There’s nothing wrong with gentle hugs on the shoulder and kisses on the cheek;
  • Regular courtesy signs, including opening the doors and helping with the coat are normal;
  • Small gifts are always a part if the communication – an unpredictable bottle of champagne or a pack of sweet can turn out to be a perfect present on a gloomy day.

What If It Ends in the Bedroom?

Gosh, what a senseless question. If you’re interested in the between-the-bedsheets affairs, your question is more than dumb. Make sure you follow the lead and don’t press your partner. Be sincere and straightforward about what you need. Stay away from aggression, regardless of what happens. Kissing and intimacy are unpredictable. Everything depends on the way you see each other. You should be prepared for some uncertain situations for the first date kiss.

We’ve based the article on the list of the most common wishes of the Russian and Ukrainian singles, and we’ve found out the following.

Kissing on the First Date Can Be Insulting

Kissing on the first date and regarding it as a fetish idea can be a trouble. When you force a woman to kiss, regardless of age, it means that you are

  • Hungry for sex;
  • Interested in finding anyone just because you want personal life;
  • Willing to express yourself in a relationship you’ve never been interested in.

A promising, smart girl can reject a kiss, which is normal for a woman who respects herself. A kiss is not always a sign of romance and mutual connection. It’s a sign that both of you demonstrate in the moment of passion. It’s something you show off in a relationship. It’s something that will help you understand whether you’re ready for a further relationship or not.

Even if you make a woman get interested in you, you’ll have to show off a bit of affection:

  • Hug her over the shoulder when needed;
  • Make sure your voice is low when you’re worried or nervous (she will help you to discuss the situation);
  • Basic courtesy signs are obligatory – flowers, sweets, champagne, and meaningful, small, and cute gifts are always cool.

The First-Time Kiss Tactics

There are specific rules to stick to if you’re interested in online dating with a potential of making a family:

  • You should be neat and smart when going to your first date;
  • You should be sensible and straightforward about the conversation;
  • The atmosphere should be neutral and relaxing;
  • The foods should not merely be tasty but in line with the culinary habits of each partner (feel free to ask your potential partner about the tastes and meat consumption);
  • Your conversation should be thoughtful and satisfying for both of you – there’s nothing bad in having a little argument, but your words should be as reasonable and rational as possible.

Do you kiss on the first date in 2020? It’s all about the way a woman sees you and understands your needs and psychology in 2020.

  • A conversation with a sufficient number of the leading questions is a must. You’ll get closer to kissing only if you manage to build a firm psychological bond. It’s acceptable to kiss on the first date if you do have something to share in addition to passion and lust.
  • Don’t push on your partner unless you find out a bit more about how the previous relationship ended. If it was a painful break-up or getting single after the death of the partner, it’s a painful experience. Talks about death and health conditions are the hardest ones among all conversations.
  • If a woman you’re dating has nothing against conversations concerning the cheesy things and personal life details, she may have nothing against a regular first date kiss.

You should understand that the first date kiss should not be something psychologically and emotionally inspired. The touch of the lips is about the common energy.

Don’t Spoil Everything with the First Date Kiss in 2020

Yes, the world has become less formal when it comes to such courtesy signs as kissing. Nevertheless, every person is unique about his/her attitude to physical interaction, even if it does not imply sex. Kissing is the simplest and dumbest way to show affection if it’s your new partner. The best thing you can do is to develop a tactic that will make a girl want to kiss you.

  • Put special emphasis on the touches and meaningful hugs;
  • Don’t be too bold while expressing your feelings – the science of seduction implies half movements and hints;
  • Don’t concentrate on kissing too much – concentrate on getting closer to each other intellectually and emotionally.

A First Date Kiss Can Be Unpleasant

What is the number of dates you should arrange before a girl lets you kiss her? Everything depends on whether a girl regards you as a potential partner or merely a friend.

  • Lack of mutual trust and chemistry can turn the first kiss in the romantic atmosphere in a peer disaster;
  • Avoid using the tongue while kissing the potential partner for the first time – excessive wetness can either be disgusting or merely too intimate;
  • Forcing is unacceptable – you’ll ruin the trust and demonstrate yourself as a selfish person unwilling to gain emotional trust and build a like-minded relationship bond.

How to Be Successful with the First Date Kiss?

There are specific factors to pay attention to if you want to get your first enjoyable kiss:

  • Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath smells good;
  • Invest enough attention and energy in the physical interaction with gentle touches and hugs;
  • Don’t forget about sincere compliments – make sure what you say is what you think.

Getting a mutual first kiss is about being polite, gentle, and perceptive. There’s nothing wrong with asking for permission to do this or that thing. Are you willing to peck her on the cheek? Ask about it. It demonstrates your care and respect for a person’s needs. The tastiest ingredient of a successful date is being courteous. Be nice and respect the feelings of the other people, and you’ll get what you deserve.

5 Rules to Be Followed When Searching for a Bride Online

Generations are changing; new technologies are being developed; however, difficulties in communication between young people are still the same. Several years ago, men did not know how to say “hello” to ladies on the street, and today they are ashamed to start chatting with a girl online.

Thus, the new technologies do not alleviate the problem of dating. What’s more, they make things even more complicated. No surprise that many wonder how to start online correspondence with the girl; what to write not to sound strange and awkward. We have prepared five rules of online communication with a girl not to scare off your potential bride.

Rule #1 – Be Courteous and Polite

The first advice to all men who want to build long and serious relations with a girl on the Internet is to always remember about politeness. As you know, women want to hear compliments and words of love. So it is very important to keep a benevolent tone and calm in communication, to tell compliments, and never show excessive obsession.

Rule #2 – Remember about Female Psychology

A young man who wants to communicate with his girlfriend on the Internet must remember about female psychology. Online chatting is devoid of emotional and personal side, so it is not so easy to maintain and demonstrate interest to each other. Therefore, the young man needs to become a good psychologist: make virtual surprizes, ask questions, build open communication, and be a loyal friend. Remember that women always pay attention to men’s strength and opportunity to provide emotional support.

Rule #3 – Carefully View the Girl’s Personal Profile

Online communication has its peculiarities and risks. Thus, there are several psychological rules that should be remembered. Before chatting with the girl you liked, look carefully at her profile. It could be her photo, “about” text, posts, and comments. In this way, you will know more about this girl, will have an idea of her interests, values, and life position.

Rule #4 – Create an Informative Profile

Keep in mind that not only you will carefully review your girlfriend’s profile; you page will be checked as well. Therefore, it is important to make it in the way that your potential bride likes it, too. It is not necessary to place purely “male” things there. A woman will love it much more if you post photos of beautiful nature or romantic travels.

Rule #5 – Pay Attention to Common Interests

In order to arrange your online communicating with a girl more effectively, you should have common interests with her. It can be anything from collecting stamps to listening to the same music. It should be a serious interest, which will be then a topic to unite you. If such mutual interests appear, then the mutual sympathy is soon to come! Therefore, you should carefully study the girl’s personal page, see what she is fond of, and try to know more about this topic.

All in all, the most important thing in online communication is not being scared of being the first to chat. Eliminate the feeling of fear and have fun!

Pros and Cons of Searching for a Bride Online

Nowadays, the Internet has become an integral part of almost every person’s life. It affects a lot of spheres of life of modern young people. Where would you go for advice if you want to surprise your close ones with a culinary masterpiece? Where would you search for information for a dissertation? Is there any other place you would go when trying to find a Ukrainian bride? It’s much easier to turn to the search engine and google what you need.

Thus, you will get more options and save your time. And what if your stomach is sore or there is some strange rash on your skin? Well, of course, the Internet will help you. There are many services and sites for dating such as tinder, badoo, ladadate which you can use to organize a date online.The real life of our time is getting smaller; the Internet fills out all the gaps, driving even the TV out of it. We live on the Internet; we learn, communicate, meet with friends, and fall in love online. The latter has the major impact on our existence.

Pros of Online Dating

  1. It is an easy and fast way to find your love. There is no need for you to spend hours on the street or go somewhere to meet a girl who can potentially become your wife.
  2. There is absolutely no need to think about your appearance at the time of acquaintance and online communication (unless it is a video chat).
  3. On the Internet, you can preview the girl’s profile in advance and decide on whether this person is interesting for you or not. There is no need for you to spend your time and efforts on communicating with a person, who you eventually do not like.

Cons of Online Dating

  1. The lack of natural flow and development of communication. You deprive yourself of the right to surprise and experience an emotional surge, which will be in any case, regardless of whether this person is yours or not.
  2. There is the possibility to get trapped by dishonest people. Even after you carefully review a person’s profile, you cannot know everything about a person sitting on the other side of the screen. After all, a person could write anything in his/ her profile. After the disclosure, you may feel deceived or event hurt.
  3. You may not meet each other’s expectations after you meet in a real life. People who got used to online communication are often not as interesting in real life as on the Internet.

There is nothing black or white in life. Online dating is not an exception. When done smartly, it can change your life for the better.

Popular Myths About Choosing A Bride Online

Our society has important characteristic. It creates numerous myths about different matters. When any phenomenon appears, it immediately gets many interpretations.

One of the most sensitive topics that exist is choosing a bride online. People have very different approaches towards this phenomenon. There are many myths that aim to explain this topic.


Several years ago, people went online looking for friends. Dating agencies started to appear. They propose services of choosing a best bride. Here are the most popular myths that are connected to this topic:

  • It is impossible to meet a true love online. It often happens people find true love many kilometers away from their home. Internet gives this unique possibility to human. One can register on the website online and search for a lady in many countries. The lucky matches happen. People find true love online.
  • Ladies who register online are not successful. It is popular myth. People think, if a person uses internet dating services there is something wrong about her. This makes such a lady crazy in the eyes of the others. She simply thinks out of the box. In reality there are many happy and successful ladies who register online. They perceive online dating as one more method to find a real love.
  • It is not possible to choose a right profile. Some people think communication online is not enough to find a right partner. It is wrong. There are tools that can be used to facilitate dating. These are video chats. This way two can communicate and keep visual contact. If words can lie, gestures and facial expressions can’t. That is why it is possible to find a right person online.
  • Dating agencies are not able to match profiles successfully. Modern dating agencies use innovative approaches to match profiles. They analyze the portfolios of many ladies. After it they propose to a client profiles of those ladies. Portfolios they choose are very different. Some can meet initial client’s requirement. Other do not. The wider is the choice the better it is.
  • A man cannot be sure a lady’s profile is real. It was a real problem, when dating agencies started to function. Today it is gone. Respectable dating agencies carefully check all ladies who register online. They ask for copies of documents. Ladies profiles are real. There is nothing to worry about.
  • Online dating will be enough to choose a bride. It is better not to follow this principle. After several meetings online two should meet in real. It is obligatory. Without it, for a man it will be hard to decide for a marriage.

These are the most popular myths that exist about  online dating. A gentleman has to remember it is possible to choose a real bride online. It takes time and effort, and sometimes some money, but it is still worth it.

Why Foreigners Choose Ukrainian Beauties

Many people try their luck online. Gentlemen aim to find a true love online. If a person is persistent enough it is possible.

Gentleman from Western world very often choose Ukrainian beauties. These females are famous for their fine personal qualities. The fame about femininity and beauty of them has spread across borders.


Gentlemen from Western countries want to find a reliable partner for life. They have strong family values. Gentleman look for ladies who can care about them and kids. Ukrainian beauties are such. Here are some more reasons why gentlemen choose Slavic ladies:

  • They have strong family values. Being family oriented is one of the basic characteristics of a lady. Ukrainian beauties value family happiness. They want a husband and kids to be happy. Thye put many efforts into it.
  • They can give a up a career. It is one more important characteristics. Slavic ladies will sacrifice work for a happiness of the dearest people. If it is needed, they will stay at home to brought up children. It is very beneficial for every family. Children in any age need mothers support. If a lady works a lot, she can not be concentrated on kids that much.
  • They are beautiful. It is true. The features of face are very tender. Slavic ladies have big eyes and tiny figure. It makes gentlemen fall in love with them immediately.
  • They are stylish. Having a sense of style is what makes Ukrainian ladies even more pretty. They know how to wear the right clothes for a day and for an evening. They prefer different clothes styles. They can feel comfortable in sporty wear and in an evening gown.
  • They are feminine. Ukrainian beauties like to feel themselves tender and weak. Men like such types of ladies. It makes them feel they protect a woman. Feminity is very important quality for a lady.
  • They like to care about a house. A home is a sacred place for a Ukrainian woman. She cares about its as much as possible. She makes everything possible to keep it clean and cosy.
  • They are smart. Slavic ladies have high level of intellect. They easily learn new things. If such a lady goes to a business meeting she will impress everyone with her knowledge.
  • They are sporty. In modern life it is important to exercise. Keeping a body in good shape is necessary to achieve success. Ukrainians like to keep a figure in tonus. Gentlemen are excited about Slavic beauties.

These are the main reasons why men struggle to get  a Ukrainian wife. It is good to know that such ladies are sincere. If they fall in love, they will love forever. It is one more reason to choose a Slavic beauty. Ukrainian females are worth fighting for.

Girls from Ukraine and Russia – Different or the Same?

It is considered there is virtually no difference between females from Ukraine and Russia; the two are believed to look identically and have exactly the same mentality. However, certain differences in how the representatives of the two nationalities look exist. First of all, the two have some typical features that will allow the one to see the main differences.

The Main Features of Ukrainian Girls

The distinctive feature of Ukrainian girls is associated with the fact that the women wear less makeup. On top of the above, they have impressive hair and proportional bone structure. A lot of females from Ukraine are tall, although there is still some percentage of the short girls with a short haircut. Based on the following features, you can distinguish women from Ukraine:

  • less makeup;
  • light long hair;
  • regular features;
  • high height;
  • beautiful eyebrows;
  • attractive appearance.

Thus, you will never confuse a Ukrainian girl with a woman from Russia or any other nation.

What Are Other Features?

During the comparison of Ukrainian females with the ones of Russian nationality, you will see that the later has darker skin and eyes. Ukrainian females have a “kind” face of a good proportion. Besides, in Ukraine, females have a lighter skin type and blue eyes. However, you can also meet girls with dark eyes there. As an extra feature, Ukrainian girls dye their hair rarely.

You can also distinguish Ukrainian girls by the following features:

  • snub nose;
  • plump lips;
  • large face;
  • predominant light brown hair color.

This face looks attract many men from around the globe.

Mentality of Ukrainian Women

The beauty of females residing in Ukraine is simply a cool bonus. As early as the middle of the nineteenth century, some scientists clearly defined the difference in the mentality of females from East. According to their research, females in Russian culture are believed to be more obstinate and lazy. In turn, the Ukrainian woman symbolizes passion, obedience, and domesticity. Hence, Ukrainian women cause passionate feelings in men, while Russians give them unsophisticated love.

Gender roles in Ukraine are not identical to the ones in nations of Western Europe and even more so from Russia. For example, ideas of feminism have not taken root in Ukraine. A female in Ukraine has always had the will to take decisions on their own, and unlike the same, Russia has never been a thing.

So if you are searching for the ideal wife and mother of your future children, Ukrainian women will perfectly fit in the role. They are calm and cozy, know how to manage household, and are always ready to support their spouse. They prefer a family to career and value a family setting fist of all.

Owing to the opportunities the Internet opens, it is possible to find a Ukrainian woman even if you live in a different country. When registering on a dating website, you can search for a person to connect your life with. And Ukrainian females will make your life ideal.